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A love letter with no recipient
My love for you is deeper than the ocean.
Larger than the sky, extending far beyond our universe.
It takes many different shades of many different colors. 
Never once the same but never once dull.
Each color as vibrant as a smile.
As beautiful as our laughter when an awkward moment passes.
I hope that one day that neither one of us could be sad.
But when we are,
We'd know were not alone.
Trust and dedication would be our key words.
They'd never fail us
And we'd never fail them.
All together a team effort
In all that we do.
No one goes solo
No one suffers solo
Because we'd know each other best.
Beat friends forever, sharing laughs, sharing sorrows.
And I'd love you for every single fault that falls in between.
I cannot express these feelings yet
Because hardly anyone would understand,
The fact that I have these feelings 
For someone I haven't met.
:iconroku-shi12:Roku-Shi12 4 3
Doggo by Roku-Shi12 Doggo :iconroku-shi12:Roku-Shi12 1 4 Sketch Dump 1 by Roku-Shi12 Sketch Dump 1 :iconroku-shi12:Roku-Shi12 1 5
AnE- Yukio Okumura X Reader- Study Session
   How many times had you struggled with this same problem in the past hour???
   It was starting to become tiresome. You pulled your hands up to your head, ruffling your hair in all directions. You groaned. "UGGGHHHHH I'M NEVER GOING TO GET THIS PROBLEM RIGHT!!!!"
You heard a giggle next to you. You peered over at you teacher, Mr. Yukio Okumura. "Don't worry," he said. "I know this new concept's a bit harder than previous ones but demon pharmaceuticals isn't that bad of an issue once you understand this."
   Earlier today, when Yukio introduced this new concept to the class, everyone had understood him right away. Everyone except you. Which was extremely not normal. You were pretty quick when it came to demon pharmaceuticals. After all, your goal was to become a doctor just like Yukio. But you were never going to get there if you didn't understand this concept first.
   "Mr. Okumuraaaa~", you groaned, leaning over your desk. Yukio just laughed.
:iconroku-shi12:Roku-Shi12 234 31
Sanguine Eyes- A Short Horror Story
People see things. Most people have eyes thus most people can see. I know, there are people that are blind or have lost their eyesight, but that’s beside the point. People can see.That’s life yeah? Well, I see things. I don’t know what these things are. But I see them. And they bother me. I don’t think you understand what it’s like to sit in a class, chewing away at your fingernails in a nervous fit, anticipating for something, anything, to show up, only to have a large figure appear in front of you.  A figure wearing an elongated smile, sanguine in all of it’s majesty, eyes wide open, blood-shot and mad. Imagine seeing that. Jumping up out of your seat. The whole class staring at you like you’re some sort of psychotic freak who needs to check in with the looney barn. Well, if you understand at least some of the picture that I painted for you then you know what it’s like to be me. As I’m walking home, my black hoo
:iconroku-shi12:Roku-Shi12 1 1
Augustus Waters by Roku-Shi12 Augustus Waters :iconroku-shi12:Roku-Shi12 4 13


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Just Life Yall
    So idk how many of yall still really "active watchers" here on my deviantart but I just wanted to talk a bit about life and apologize. I wanna apologize that I never really upload anything anymore. Just a lot is always going on and I never have the time or "artistic energy" to make lots of serious art anymore. In fact, as I'm sure I've said before, I really struggle sometimes feeling that art is something I'm even supposed to do. Currently I'm attending SCAD but I a lot of the time don't feel like that's where I should be, or sometimes even where I want to be. So I think about it all the time as if this is a career path for me to even try to follow or if I should be looking else where. As of right now I'm still gonna try to go with it and just try to keep myself moving up. I feel in the past few years I've been very stagnate in art and I'm tired of it so I guess I'll try to start pushing myself more. I'm not really sure how far I'll make it or if I'll even fallout al
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  • Listening to: Pop 101- Marianas Trench
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(I'm mostly writing this to continue in my procrastination. I actually have my Chem book open in front of me to all the problems but shhhhhhhhhhh Idon'twannadothemmmmmm)
I'm actually really enjoying this summer better than last years. It might just be because I didn't take summer school this year but hey, I do technically still have homework to keep me busy. School is just a giant ball of stress. I'm happy to get a break.
And oh yeah, I've officially made it all the way to Act 6 in homestuck. I'm homestuck trash. Not that I mind, but you know....
I've only just made it past intermission 2 so I still have a long way to go. Although I've pretty much had a lot of it spoiled for me from tumblr, youtube, and me being a dork and reading the wiki pages even though I shouldn't.
Anyway, I've spent at least five minutes typing this instead of actually doing my homework and I should probably get this done by tomorrow so I can enjoy a nice day at the movies with my friends~
We're going to see Guardians of the Galaxy~
(also the title of this journal is the name of song. See if you can guess what band it's from :3)


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Call me Roku~
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Not really much to be said here but I mostly write. I write lots. I also enjoying doodling from time to time. I mostly upload all my art on my tumblr blog below. I hope you enjoy your stay here on my lovely page!

"The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair"
My amazingly super awesome friends:
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